Polychromos / Copic / Ink

Unique on paper

Polychromos = The mine of the colored pencil is made from pigments, fats, waxes, binders, talc and kaolin. By tightly spaced lines (hatching) are also colored surfaces can create. By a change in pressure strength of the paper delivered to the color intensity can be varied.


Copic = (コピック, Kopikku) is a brand name for products manufactured in Japan marker with polyester top. Copics Copic markers have a chisel tip and a fine line tip so that you can represent different line widths with a pen. The color can be refilled several times. The color is alcohol-based and dries instantly, so you can fill in with Copic markers, large areas evenly, realize smooth color transitions. By means of a so-called Blender pen containing only solvents, paints can be retrofitted into each other vermalt or lightened. After drying, the ink is smudge-proof and waterproof.

Ink = The word mascara for "black paint applied" in the 17th century from French toucher "touch" borrowed. Inks contain colorants (pigments) and a binder, which can adhere well to paper, the coloring agent. In the Ink Painting Artist Ink are used, which are usually made of fine soot mixed with shellac soap, water and fillers.