about me


Jörg Guyer was born in Schwenningen in The Black Forest in 1965.


Gifted both artistically and technically, he started working as a Technical Draughtsman at the family's Consulting Engineering company. However, at the age of 35, he made the switch to a career centred entirely around art.


His works are diversified and colourful and fire the imagination of those who view them.

Jörg Guyer has a certain concept in mind as he embarks on each picture but he adapts this with each stroke of the brush. His pictures are a kaleidoscope of shapes and figures, which become more identifiable each time you look at them. Rather than just revealing all their facets at a single glance, the pictures unfold gradually, unlocking new details continuously.


Jörg Guyer has held successful exhibitions in Germany, Europe, Asia and the USA.


Kunstatelier Guyer, Brigachtal
Kunstatelier Guyer, Brigachtal
I alway see nature in my picture...